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Apprentices, Youth Trainees and School Leavers

If you or someone who lives with you is an apprentice or youth trainee, you may get a 25% discount. If only Apprentices or Trainees live at the property you will get a 50% discount.

To qualify as an Apprentice

Someone must:

  • Be employed to learn a trade, business or profession
  • Be in training leading to a recognised qualification
  • Earn no more than £195 gross a week; and
  • Expect to earn substantially more once qualified

You will need to provide either 5 weekly or 2 monthly payslips or a letter from your employer as proof of your pay.

Each apprentice must complete the apprentice application form .

Return your completed form and proof by:

After you have applied you must continue to pay the amount shown on your Council Tax bill until you hear from us.

To qualify as a Youth Trainee

Someone must be:

  • Under 25 years old; and
  • Training under an individual training plan funded by the Skills Funding Agency or Young People's Learning Agency.

School or College Leavers

Someone who is:

  • 18 or 19 years-old and left full time education after 30 April is not counted for Council Tax until 1 November of the same year
  • Over 18 years old and someone is receiving child benefit for them

To apply for these reductions please provide details required by:

Find further information on other Council Tax reductions or details on discounts if you are a student.

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