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Fees and charges

This page lists all the fees and charges associated with hackney carriages and private hire

Fees are effective from 1 April 2019.

aHackney Carriage vehicle licence£370.60
bHackney Carriage vehicle licence (subject to age policy)£435.54
cHackney Carriage vehicle licence (accident damaged, repaired vehicle)£636.90
dHackney Carriage vehicle licence (accident damaged, repaired vehicle - subject to age policy)£703.47
ePrivate Hire vehicle licence£355.91
fPrivate Hire vehicle licence (subject to age policy)£420.85
gPrivate Hire vehicle licence (accident damaged, repaired vehicle)£622.22
hPrivate Hire vehicle licence (accident damaged, repaired vehicle - subject to age policy)£688.78
iPrivate Hire Operator's Licence 
 (i) one to ten vehicles£2300.17
 (ii) 11 to 20 vehicles£2879.09
 (iii) 21 to 30 vehicles£3308.32
 (iv) 31 to 40 vehicles£4558.23
 (v) 41 vehicles or more£6274.77
jDriver's licence - up to one year£83.58
 Driver's licence - up to two years£97.73
 Driver's licence - up to three years£111.89
kVehicle plate replacement£31.81
lDriver's badge replacement£16.38
mVehicle re-test£66.56
nFailure to keep a test appointment£64.94
oAdditional test fee£64.94
pHackney Carriage door insignia£10.88
qCopy licence£3.58
rVehicle transfer administration fee£21.84
sDishonoured cheque administration fee£21.84
tKnowledge test£32.72
uKnowledge test re-sit£20.05
vDisclosure and Barring Service check (formerly CRB)£48.00
wRe-inspection of an accident damage, repaired vehicle£66.68


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