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Who is not counted for Council Tax?

Some adults are disregarded and therefore not counted when deciding how many people live in a property. If only one person is counted then you will get a 25% discount, if all adults are not counted you will get a 50% discount or, in some circumstances an exemption on your bill.

People who are not counted

The following people are not counted when working out your Council Tax bill, subject to meeting certain criteria.

  • Full time students and student nurses
  • Apprentices and Youth Training Trainees
  • People for whom Child Benefit is payable and school leavers under 20
  • People with severe mental impairment
  • Patients living in a hospital or in a nursing home
  • People providing or receiving care elsewhere
  • Certain care workers and people providing care in the home
  • Members of recognised religious communities
  • Foreign diplomats
  • Prisoners and other people held in detention

If you think you have a person living in your home who should not be not counted, you can find more information on our reductions page.

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