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Unoccupied and unfurnished property

If you are responsible for an unoccupied and substantially unfurnished property, a time limited discount may be applied to your Council Tax bill.

The Local Government Finance Act 2012 gave local authorities increased discretion to set their discounts.

Properties which are unoccupied and substantially unfurnished

You will get:

  • A 25% discount for a period of six months if the property is unoccupied and substantially unfurnished.
  • A 100% discount for the whole period if the property is reoccupied within one month of becoming unoccupied and unfurnished

No further discount will be given if the property remains unoccupied and unfurnished after six months.

Properties undergoing major repair or structural alteration

You will get a 25% discount if the property is unoccupied and:

  • Requires or is undergoing major repair work to render it habitable, or
  • Is undergoing structural alteration

The discount will continue for up to six months after the work is complete as long as the property remains unoccupied and the whole period is no longer than 12 months.

You can apply for this discount by:

After you have applied, we will contact you to arrange a visit to your property.

This discount does not apply where a property has remained unoccupied and substantially unfurnished for more than two years.

Long -term empty property premium

Properties that have been unoccupied and unfurnished for two years or more will attract a premium. This means the amount payable for properties that are unoccupied and unfurnished from two to five years is 200% and for properties that are unoccupied and unfurnished for five to ten years it is 300%. From 1 April 2021, where properties are unoccupied and unfurnished for ten years or more, the amount payable will increase to 400%.

We will not add a long term empty premium to an annexe or if your home is empty due to your service in the armed forces.

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