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Former Mayors of Sunderland

Mayors of Sunderland since the passing of the Municipal Corporations Act 1835.


15 May 2019Cllr David Snowdon
16 May 2018Cllr Lynda Scanlan
17 May 2017Cllr Doris MacKnight
18 May 2016Cllr Alan Emerson
20 May 2015Cllr Barry Curran
10 June 2014Cllr Stuart Porthouse
15 May 2013Cllr Robert Heron
16 May 2012Cllr Iain Kay
18 May 2011Cllr Norma Wright
19 May 2010Mr Thomas Martin
14 May 2009Mr Dennis Richardson
14 May 2008Mrs Mary Smith
16 May 2007Mr Leslie Scott
17 May 2006Mr Thomas Foster
17 May 2005Mr Bill Stephenson
30 June 2004Mr James B Scott
21 May 2003Mrs Juliana Heron
22 May 2002Mr Peter Gibson
16 May 2001Mr Ken Murray
17 May 2000Mr Brian Dodds
19 May 1999Mr David Ross Wares
20 May 1998Mr Walter Scott
14 May 1997Mr Gowan James Scott
15 May 1996Mr Ian Galbraith
17 May 1995Mr Eric Bramfitt
18 May 1994Mr Denis Gerard Whalen
19 May 1993Mr Bryan Charlton
20 May 1992Mr William Craddock
15 May 1991Mr David Francis Thompson
16 May 1990Mr Andrew Watson Myers
17 May 1989Mr Robert Kirby
18 May 1988Mr Leslie Mann
20 May 1987Mr John Mawston
21 May 1986Mr Thomas Scott
15 May 1985Mr Ralph Carroll Baxter
16 May 1984Mr George Elliott
18 May 1983Mrs Annie Pratt
19 May 1982Mr Joseph Hall
13 May 1981Mr Thomas Megan Finnigan
13 May 1980Mr Leonard Harper
26 September 1979Mr Leonard Harper
16 May 1979Mr E Weir
17 May 1978Mr Arthur Lumley
11 May 1977Mr Thomas Bridges
19 May 1976Mr Charles Henry Slater
12 May 1975Mrs Mary Elizabeth Porter
1 April 1974Mr A Burgham
21 May 1973Mr George Conforth Park
15 May 1972Mr Leslie Watson
24 May 1971Mr William Sinclair Martin
18 May 1970Mr William Ord Stephenson
19 May 1969Mrs Mary Elizabeth Miller
27 February 1969Mrs Mary Elizabeth Miller
20 May 1968Mr John William Purvis Wilkinson
22 May 1967Mr Norman Waters
23 May 1966Mr Fred Young
24 May 1965Mr Albert Watson
20 May 1964Mr Robert Wilkinson
20 May 1963Mrs Jane Ellen Hedley
21 May 1962Mr Richard Thomas Weston
24 May 1961Mrs Kitty Cohen
23 May 1960Mr Joseph Tweddle
20 May 1959Mr Nicholas Lister Allison
19 May 1958Mr Edwin Ernest Wales
20 May 1957Mr Joseph Hoy
23 May 1956Mr Thomas Henry Cavanagh
23 May 1955Miss Edith Evelyn B
24 May 1954Mrs Jane Huggins
18 May 1953Mr McGregor Ernest English
19 May 1952Mr Arthur Humphrey Suddick
23 May 1951Mr William Harvey
22 May 1950Mr George Henry Morgan
23 May 1949Mr Jack Cohen
10 November 1947Mr Eden Johnston
9 November 1946Mr Miles Walton
9 November 1945Mr Joshua Ritson
9 November 1944Mr John Young
9 November 1943Mr Wilton Legender Milburn
9 November 1942Mr Myers Wayman
10 November 1941Mr Myers Wayman
10 November 1940Mr Myers Wayman
9 November 1939Mr Myers Wayman
9 November 1938Mr Myers Wayman
12 January 1938Mr George Ford
9 November 1937Mr James Turner (Died)
9 November 1936Mr Thomas Summerbell
9 November 1935Mr Thomas Summerbell
9 November 1934Mr Edward William Ditchburn
9 November 1933Mr Edward William Ditchburn
9 November 1932Mr Edward Hazard Brown
9 November 1931Mr Eward Hazard Brown
10 November 1930Mr Edward Hazard Brown
9 November 1929Mr Isaac Gibson Modlin
9 November 1928Mr Isaac Gibson Modlin
9 November 1927Mr David Cairns
9 November 1926Mr David Cairns
9 November 1925Mr John Spours Nicholson
10 November 1924Mr John Spours Nicholson
9 November 1923Mr George Stephenson Lawson
9 November 1922Mr George Stephenson Lawson
9 November 1921Mr Walter Raine
9 November 1920Mr Walter Raine
18 August 1920Mr William Frederick Vint
10 November 1919Mr Arthur Ritson (Died)
9 November 1918Mr William Frederick Vint
9 November 1917Mr William Frederick Vint
21 March 1917Mr William Frederick Vint
9 November 1916Mr Stansfield Richardson
9 November 1915Mr Stansfield Richardson
9 November 1914Mr Stansfield Richardson
10 November 1913Mr Stansfield Richardson
9 November 1912Mr Stansfield Richardson
9 November 1911Mr Edward Hazard Brown
9 November 1910Mr William Sanderson
9 November 1909Mr Arthur F. Young
9 November 1908Mr Arthur F. Young
9 November 1907Mr William Walker
9 November 1906Mr Stephen M Swan
9 November 1905Mr Frederick Foster
9 November 1904Mr Frederick Foster
9 November 1903Mr Henry John Turnbull
10 November 1902Mr Henry John Turnbull
9 November 1901Mr John George Kirtley
9 November 1900Mr John George Kirtley
9 November 1899Mr Edwin Robert Dix
9 November 1898Mr William Bruce
9 November 1897Mr William Bruce
9 November 1896Mr William Burns
9 November 1895Mr William Burns
9 November 1894Mr John Sanderson
9 November 1893Mr John Sanderson
9 November 1892Mr Stansfield Richardson
9 November 1891Mr Stansfield Richardson
10 November 1890Mr Robert Shadforth
9 November 1889Mr Robert Shadforth
9 November 1888Mr George Barnes
9 November 1887Mr Edwin Richardson
9 November 1886Mr Edwin Richardson
9 November 1885Mr Robert Preston
10 November 1884Mr Robert Preston
9 November 1883Mr John Wright Wayman
9 November 1882Mr John Wright Wayman
9 November 1881Mr William Wilson
9 November 1880Mr William Wilson
29 March 1880Mr Samual Storey
10 November 1879Mr Thomas Scott Turnbull (Died)
9 November 1878Mr Samual Sinclair Robson
9 November 1877Mr Samual Storey
9 November 1876Mr Samual Storey
9 November 1875Mr John Nicholson
9 November 1874Mr John Potts
10 November 1873Mr Alexandra George McKenzie
9 November 1872Mr Alexandra George McKenzie
9 November 1871Mr William Nicholson
9 November 1870Mr William Nicholson
9 November 1868Mr Williams Thompson
6 February 1869Mr William Thompson
9 November 1868Mr John Crossley (Died)
9 November 1867Mr Edward Temperley Gourley
9 November 1866Mr John James Kayll
9 November 1865Mr Edward Temperley Gourley
9 November 1864Mr Edward Temperley Gourley
9 November 1863Mr James Allison
10 November 1862Mr James Hartley
9 November 1861Mr John Candlish
9 November 1860Mr Samuel Alcock
9 November 1859Mr Samuel Alcock
9 November 1858Mr John Candlish
9 November 1857Mr George Smith Ranson
10 November 1856Mr George Smith Ranson
9 November 1855Mr Anthony John Moore
9 November 1854Mr Anthony John Moore
9 November 1853Mr Samual Alcock
9 November 1852Mr James Hartley
9 November 1851Mr James Hartley
9 November 1850Mr William Mordey
9 November 1849Mr William Ord
9 November 1848Mr Joseph Simpson
15 December 1847Mr John Scott
9 November 1847Sir H Williamson Bert (Resigned)
9 November 1846Mr Robert Brown
9 November 1845Mr Robert Brown
9 November 1844Mr James Allison
9 November 1843Mr Robert Burdon Cay
9 November 1842Mr Andrew White
9 November 1841Sir H Williamson Bart
9 November 1840Mr Richard White
9 November 1839Mr Joseph Brown M.D
9 November 1838Mr Joseph Simpson
9 November 1837Mr Richard Spoor
8 July 1837Mr Richard Spoor
9 November 1836Mr Andrew White resigned
1 January 1836Mr Andrew White

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