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Moving Home - Discovery Project

Moving Home Local Digital Fund project

Sunderland City Council ran a discovery project looking at the challenges residents face when reporting a change of address to a council. We collaborated with Kirklees Council, Newcastle City Council, North East Lincolnshire Council and Watford Borough Council on the project. The discovery phase was funded by the Local Digital Fund and it's objectives were:

  • To understand the problem and its impact on residents and councils
  • To explore and consider potential digital solutions to address the problem
  • To create a business case (if the case for change is proven)

The work we carried out as part of the discovery project included

  • User research and engagement
  • Data and statistics fact finding
  • Process and user journey mapping

Is there a case for change?

Our discovery work has led us to conclude that there is a compelling case to change the current process for informing the Council of a change of address

As is user journey map

This image illustrates a typical customer journey that residents go through when reporting a change of address.

At the end of the discovery work, we found that: 

  • The customer experience is confusing, repetitive and frustrating
  • There is a poor digital offer which limits user accessibility and choice
  • It is inefficient for councils - there are cost savings that could be made if the process is changed
  • The current process creates future issues and costs for customers and councils
  • The current process maintains a reputational damage risk for councils
  • The current process increases the risks in safeguarding where information is not shared across departments

More information about the problem we explored in the discovery project can be found in the Moving Home Business Case (.doc) (Word doc) [1MB] .

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