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User research and engagement

Our research goals

The user research for the discovery project began in January 2019.  Our goals for the user research were:

  • to identify how users notified the council of their change of address and learn about their experiences
  • to identify what users like and what frustrates them throughout the process
  • to identify what the user needs and expectations are

What we did and who we spoke to

All the councils that collaborated on this project actively recruited users to take part in research.  We spoke to 12 residents from the participating councils.  2 interviews were carried out face to face and 10 were carried out over the telephone.

We also held a focus group with 6 front office staff from Sunderland City Council.

We held semi-structured interviews led by a user researcher.  We asked all users the same questions to understand what their experience was of reporting a change of address to the council.  Following the interviews we were able to identify common themes and user needs.

What we found out.

User quotes

After speaking to residents, we established there were some key themes around the issues residents faced when reporting a change of address

  • Residents did not know they had to inform the council, who they needed to inform or how and when to do this
  • The process is repetitive, difficult and time-consuming
  • Residents are not able to provide or receive information when and how they want to
  • After informing the council of a change of address, new residents do not know what will happen next

Read the full user research report (.doc) (Word doc) [801KB]

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