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Findings and recommendations

Problem statement

Our discovery work enabled us to refine our Problem Statement.

Problem statement2






To address issues faced by residents and councils, a solution would contain a number of core functions and components as illustrated below.

Core functions and components






Options and recommendations

We looked at a number of different options as solutions to the problem and considered how affordable and to what extent they delivered the core functions and components we identified.  Following our analysis, we agreed on a preferred solution.

To create a 'platform' to capture information. The platform would integrate with systems that provide API's / methods of integration. The solution only integrates with systems where possible, where it is relatively straightforward, where integration has been proven and is cost effective. Where integration isn't possible, a form would be created to notify the back office of the change.

This option gives us the opportunity to deliver most of the core functions and components of the ideal solution, as well as being achievable, affordable and providing value for money. This is the recommendation from the discovery work we have done.

Moving home business case (.doc) (Word doc) [1MB]

What next

We have submitted our business case to Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) and there may be the option to receive further funding to develop a prototype solution in the future. However, regardless of whether we receive funding, our discovery work has shown that the case for change is compelling and we intend to make changes to the customer journey residents go through when reporting a change of address.

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