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Local Wildlife Sites

Local Wildlife Sites

Local Wildlife Sites (LWS) are areas of substantive nature conservation value and make an important contribution to ecological networks in the local landscape. LWS include woodland, grassland and wetland habitats and associated species of conservation importance. They are selected and assessed following recognised criteria and Defra guidance.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires Local Plans to identify, map and safeguard components of local wildlife-rich habitats and wider ecological networks. The NPPF considers Local Wildlife Sites to be a component of the ecological network.  As part of the preparation of the Icon for pdf AD.01 Allocations and Designations Plan 2020 [6.38MB], the Council has undertaken a comprehensive review of the 63 designated Local Wildlife Sites in Sunderland.

The proposed boundary amendments and new sites have received endorsement from the Local Wildlife Sites Partnership.  Following this endorsement, the proposed boundary amendments and sites have been identified in the Draft Allocations and Designations Plan on the Policies Map.

Details of the proposed LWS are presented in the Icon for pdf AD.23 Local Wildlife Site Report [18.62MB], with location maps and supporting text set out in the Icon for pdf AD.24 Local Wildlife Sites Evidence Report [36.28MB].


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