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Request a new bin, a replacement, or removal of a bin

Residents are responsible for looking after their bins and are encouraged to take steps to keep them safe.

From 1 April 2022, for a 12-month period any replacement green, blue or brown bin will be free of charge. A bin will be replaced free of charge if it has been lost or stolen. All structurally damaged bins will be repaired wherever possible and replaced only if beyond repair.

Please note, to receive a brown bin you must sign up to and pay the £33 fee for the Garden Waste collection service.

Make sure your bins are only left out for the relevant collection day and brought back in after they have been emptied.

Please note we are currently out of stock of Green residual waste bins, Blue recycling bins, and the black caddies to recycle your paper.  We hope to have more Green and Blue bins in stock by mid-July, and we will endeavour to deliver these as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Request a new or replacement bin

Further information is within our Service standards.

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